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Brain Hacks for Success-Powerpack                

The Foundation

6 Modules paired with at home awareness exercises to transition from a Fixed Mindset to the liberation of a Growth Mindset exposing endless possibilities. Be introduced to a whole new way of thinking, discover the greatest gift you can give to another human being, and transform your life while you're giving the gift that keeps on giving.

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Brain Hacks for Success-LEVEL 1

The Breakthrough

5 Transformative Video Modules coupled with online course exercises targeted to harness your innate power, recognize strengths, and kickstart your transformative journey right in front of you. You'll also rethink personal growth, embrace new opportunities, understand your 'blind spots', and develop an enriched self-awareness of what's possible for you, and so much more.

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Brain Hacks for Success-LEVEL 2

The Masterclass 

8 Intensive Modules to Switch Off Autopilot and Switch On Your Life., including LIVE virtual sessions with Larry Olsen. This amazing level is loaded with all new Brain Hacks, practical strategies and insights that unleash the power of your amazing brain. You'll crush limiting beliefs, transform your thinking, and experience a renewed zest, and vitality in your life.

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