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The Brain Hacks Powerpack course is for growth-minded, entrepreneurial men and women who want to unlock success in every aspect of their life.



I have one simple, easy question for you...

Do you want to move from what isn’t working in your life,
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Join forces with Larry and together begin the process of  unlocking the brain hacks necessary to strengthen relationships and write your new level life script.


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People are unlocking the gateway to a life beyond their wildest imagination, AND YOU CAN TOO! Inside this course, Larry walks you through his 4 most basic and successful mindset transformations that work almost instantly in any situation.

In our world today over 80% of people are unhappy or dissatisfied with some aspect of their life. Many have become stressed out from the uncertainty in their lives and worried about the future of their children to the impact the economy is having on their lives today.


What about you? What have you been most concerned about that is keeping you up at night?


We’ve all experienced distress in our lives, worry and dissatisfaction. Some with their health, others with their marriage, and most with just finding the best way to get through the day successfully.

The good news is there is something YOU CAN DO about it, something that creates transformation almost immediately and all the secrets are inside this course!

William D.

“Best course I have ever experienced in my adult career! Most importantly, I can use what I’ve learned immediately.”


This course will give you real solutions that will strengthen relationships and assist you in getting to that illusive next level,

Swipe Templates: Get comprehensive 32-page E-Book bursting with priceless knowledge and transformational exercises to unlock a new way to work, live and play in your life.

✓ Videos: You will get instant access to captivating videos with Larry guiding you along the way.

✓ Quick and Easy: We know you don’t have time to waste so we will not make you sit through hours and hours of lessons. You can download the eBook and go through the entire course in just a couple of hours.

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✓ A Comprehensive 32-page e-Book bursting with priceless knowledge and
transformational exercises that will generate awareness to what can be and self-discovery of your own miraculousness.


4 Life-Enhancing Brain Hacks illuminating new behaviors that you can use
immediately, opening you up to new and rewarding opportunities.


Unlock the Pathway to an exciting way to work, live and prosper in your life.


Larry Guiding You Through 5 Captivating Videos to see and experience your life through the lens of a fresh, revitalized perspective that you can activate now.


✓  Unique Strategies to tap into our own innate abilities to accelerate your personal and
professional growth.

Mary P.

“I appreciate that it was scientifically proven so that it wasn’t just another motivational course. It brought such great value that I wasn’t expecting and can’t wait to begin using it!”

Jason M.

Larry’s Powerpack course has enhanced an already incredible life that I honestly didn't think could get any better.”

More about Me, Larry Olsen 

My name is Larry Olsen and some of you have been following me and have already seen benefits from learning how to change your mind so that your performance follows, and to those of you who don’t know me . . . Hello!

My background is in Performance Driven Neurology and for over 3 decades now I’ve assisted everyone from Fortune 500 companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals from all walks of life to accomplish things they once thought impossible.

My mission is to provide the Key Brain Hacks to Align and Redefine the Art of Living to those who want to make subtle changes in their life that are meaningful and sustainable. Changes that create great night sleeps, vibrant health, business success and marriages that thrive.

There isn’t a situation, circumstance, or life event that I haven’t seen overcome by knowing how to change your mind.

Are you ready to move from where you are in your life to where you’d like to be?

Well let’s get started.

This Powerpack is nothing short of a treasure trove

Don't let hesitation hold you back from living the life you've always dreamed of! Seize this moment and invest in yourself. 

Brain Hacks Powerpack


  • Comprehensive 32-page eBook

  • 4 Life-Enhancing Brain Hacks

  • PLUS 👇👇👇👇👇
  • BONUS: FIVE Captivating Videos with Larry Coaching You to:
  • Strategies to tap into Internal Forces Breaking through Limiting Beliefs
  • Unleashing the Greatest Gift for Empowered Presence and Peak Performance 

Don M.

“Thank you for this course, I learned so much from Larry's engaging style and powerful brain hacks and will continue to use all of it in not only my career but personal life as well!"