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Ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through life?

On paper, everything looks great: good career, nice family, great home.

But inside you feel unfulfilled, confused, empty. 

Like something’s missing. But you don’t know what it is, or how to get it.

Let’s dig deep and find out.


“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn't matter whether you're a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast, or a bridge player." 

Bill Gates

1:1 Performance & Leadership Coaching with Larry 


When we work together, you will begin to understand the driving forces behind your behavior and the results you’re seeing in life (or what you’re not seeing). When you recognize how these forces show up in your life, you can begin to make conscious choices that align with your personal and professional goals.

In our coaching sessions, you’ll clarify and prioritize your goals. We’ll establish some Bodacious Dreams. And then I’ll show you how to use a combination of tools from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to assist you in achieving your goals.

Coaching wakes you up from the drudgery and stress of day-to-day life and inspires you to dream bigger, achieve more, and enjoy this one beautiful, remarkable life you have.

It will help you unlock a future of abundance and prosperity.


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Larry has coached Fortune 500 executives, leaders & athletes worldwide...

David N.
Co-Founder and Realtor

"Larry is an athletic coach for the brain. His coaching is magical and has made all the difference in how I think, use my brain and how I run my business. I can't recommend him enough because Larry thinks differently and that's exactly why he's unique and exactly why I use him as my coach."

Victoria C.
Small Business Owner

"If you're looking, as I was, to make a change in your life, then look no further. Larry gave me the tools to make changes in all areas of my life and for that I am forever grateful to him and his coaching’s."

Caleb Porter
MLS Championship Coach

"He changed the whole way I look at life. Everything you say matters. Your presence matters, and if you're not aware of that you're not going to be a good coach." 

Performance & Leadership Coaching is for you if...

You currently feel...


❌ Bored or overwhelmed with the day-to-day


❌ Confused about the future - you’re meant for more, but you don’t know what


❌ Exhausted by trading your time for money


❌ Stuck or stagnant in your life or career but know it can improve

… and you want to feel


✅ The zest and joy for life again


✅ Optimistic and excited about creating your ideal life 


✅ Like success and wealth  come easy to you


✅ Confidence & clarity on how to reach your next level

Awaken positive change & achieve more success in your life or career TODAY.

see what other's are saying...


“Larry is 100% pure inspiration both personally and professionally. His mental and physical energy level is contagious. He awakens positive change for anyone who is around him.”

Norene V


“Larry is a source of inspiration. His ability to get you to re-think your situation to become more aligned with your vision and goals is masterful. He helps you see what you're missing, and produce more from yourself than you ever thought possible. Hire this man!!

Stephen J.

When you work with Larry, you'll get more than you expect...In the best way. 


I worked with Larry just after I turned 50. 

I felt like I was getting old and my life was falling apart. I’d achieved most of my childhood goals… Now what? I didn’t know what was next. 

Larry helped me uncover what my real fears were. He helped me see what my true source of joy was.

 He showed me how to stop the negative conversations in my head that aren't positive, and identify and bring out more joy in life every day.


I got way more than I expected in working with Larry. Best investment I've made in a long time.

and it took just 3 sessions.



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1 Session
Live with Larry 

Spend 60 minutes with the Performance Driven Neurology Expert himself.
Whether you're looking for personal answers on leveling up or breaking your success ceiling with a business assessment, Larry will provide tips & strategies.
One 60 Minutes sessions with Larry.  
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3 Sessions
Live With Larry 

If you really want to breakthrough, this is the package for you.
After receiving initial strategies from Larry, you'll go even deeper into how you can unlock your next level.
He'll be there to guide you along the way. 
Three 60 Minutes sessions with Larry.  
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3 Sessions
+ Level 1 of
Brain Hacks for Success!

This special offer includes our signature Brain Hacks for Success Level 1 & 3 Live coaching sessions with Larry to help guide you through the material and apply it to your life and you can instantaneously breakthrough to success. 

Three 60 Minutes sessions with Larry & Brain Hacks Level 1 online course. 

I Must Have It!

“Larry brings decades of leadership and coaching experience to the table. He cuts right to the chase and doesn’t waste any time.

I got a huge ROI immediately.”


- Wes R.