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The Brain Hack Breakthrough

Building the Foundation of Awareness


Begin your journey of self-discovery and explore the potential of your miraculous brain 


This foundational training will show you the Brain Hacks and self-awareness necessary to 


✔ conquer limiting beliefs

✔ master and identify your blind spots

✔ tap into your limitless unconscious

✔ experience transformational growth and success

Total Value: $2700

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Trusted by Top-Performing Brands & Executives Worldwide

Mary P.

“I appreciate that it was scientifically proven so that it wasn’t just another motivational course. It brought such great value that I wasn’t expecting and can’t wait to begin using it!”

Don M.

“Thank you for this course, I learned so much from Larry's engaging style and powerful brain hacks and will continue to use all of it not only in my career but personal life as well

“Larry is like an athletic coach for your brain” 


Ever feel like you’re living your life on autopilot?

Like life is passing you by?


On paper, your life probably looks pretty good. 


You have a good family. A great career. Decent success. 


But maybe you’re feeling stuck on life’s hamster wheel. Life is feeling a little same-old, same-old.


Something’s missing...


Plus, you’re in a constant battle with those little voices in your head telling you to just settle and be happy with what you have.
And yet, you have a deep knowing there should be more to this one, miraculous life of yours. 

You’re not alone!


Many high-achievers and high-performers crave more love, more success, more fulfillment.

You want more out of life, but you don’t know what that means, or how to get it.
It can feel hard to change your day-to-day habits and your life. 
My friend, I’m here to tell you it isn’t hard.

That rich, fulfilling life you crave is possible.


You just need the right tools.

Good thing you already possess  the best tool available for creating change and living an enriched life: 

🧠 Your Brain. 🧠


Our brains have over 100 billion neurons that process over 32 trillion bits of information per second - our brains possess incredible power to experience life and create newness. 😱

 When you understand how your brain works, and how to teach it to be your partner in transformation…


…. you will unlock its incredible power to create change   

almost instantaneously.


Hack My Brain Now!

And yet…


The problem with a lot of the self-help and mindset programs out there is they attempt to create too much change, too quickly.


They tell you to “Embody your Future Self” or “Fake it till you make it.” 


If you’ve tried those programs, you might see some results, but then you fall back into your same-old-same-old patterns and habits.


Those other programs are missing a critical step in the process to unlock your brain’s incredible capacity.


Those other programs don’t show you how to build a solid foundation on The Power of Awareness.


Without this foundational building block, no amount of self-development or positive thinking will ever stick.

For more than 40 years...

I’ve been coaching and leading Fortune 500 corporations, professional athletes and successful business owners using the field of Performance-Driven Neurology. 


It’s an evidence-based approach that combines neuroscience with psychology to facilitate change.


With my top-tier clients, Step 1 is always to develop the Power of Awareness. 


And now you have an opportunity to build your foundation of Awareness, which is the cornerstone of all lasting transformation and growth.



"Working with Larry is magical


Larry is the equivalent of an athletic coach for the brain. You can actually train the brain the same way you can train your body. It’s why working with Larry is a magical thing


I can't thank Larry enough for the way he changed my brain and the way he will change yours too, for the better"


David Newcombe

Co-Founder of Launch Real Estate, Retired BBC Television Producer, & Business Owner. 


Hear more about David's experience with Larry’s transformative teachings

“This isn't some "feel good, rah-rah, new age mysticism." 


“The education has been remarkable. There is no doubt in my mind that Larry Olsen is fulfilling a purpose by becoming the teacher of this education. Make no mistake, it is indeed an education. 


Larry takes a common sense approach to a science-based education of the mind. It makes an incredible impact on the quality of our lives and the lives of all those around us. This should be taught in every high school across our country.”

David Christian

Executive, Lexus


The Brain Hack Breakthrough

Building the Foundation of Awareness


Begin your journey of self-discovery and explore the potential of your miraculous brain 


This foundational training will show you the Brain Hacks and self-awareness necessary to 


✔ conquer limiting beliefs
✔ master and identify your blind spots
✔ tap into your limitless unconscious
✔ experience transformational growth and success

Total Value: $2700

Regular Price: $500 





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Businesses Impacted 



Years In Business


Meet your guide, Larry Olsen 

Hi! I’m Larry Olsen.


I’m a globally acclaimed expert in using Performance Driven Neurology to help high-achievers reach their goals faster.


For over 3 decades I’ve assisted everyone from Fortune 500 companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals from all walks of life to accomplish things they once thought impossible.


My mission is to share the Key Brain Hacks to Align and Redefine the Art of Living to anyone who wants to make changes in their life that are meaningful and sustainable. Changes that create great night sleeps, vibrant health, business success and marriages that thrive.


There isn’t a situation, circumstance, or life event that I haven’t seen overcome by knowing how to change your mind.

It would be my great honor and privilege to be your guide on this journey of Self-Awareness and Self-Mastery


Are you ready to experience your brain breakthrough?



This game-changing course includes 5 video modules and a companion workbook to help you understand and build a solid foundation in Performance-driven Neurology through the Power of Awareness

Module 1: Your Amazing Brain

Begin your journey of self-discovery and your miraculous brain. You'll get the brain hacks and self-awareness necessary for conquering limiting


Module 2: Embracing Personal Growth

Master and identify your 'blind spots,’ handle criticism, and tap into your limitless unconscious for transformational growth and success.

Module 3: Unleashing Courage

Discover the power of attitudes, the keys to personal growth, and how to nurture curiosity for improved relationships and a renewed sense of worthiness.

Module 4: Breaking Free 

Discover the power of words to help you break free from the limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Module 5: Reveal Your Potential

Get the 4 Brain Hack Keys to master your attitude so you can improve your performance, unlock your success and re-shape your destiny.

When you enroll in the Brain Hack Breakthrough you’ll get instant access to


  •  5 Life-Changing Video Lessons: Dive deep into transformative concepts, from harnessing your self-belief to mastering your attitude, and journey towards unparalleled personal growth.
  • 5 Self-Study Exercises: Thoughtfully crafted exercises will challenge your perceptions, reshape your limiting beliefs, and unlock your true potential, leading you towards a life of exponential growth.  
  • Insightful Growth Questions: Personal introspection prompts tailored to stimulate self-awareness, encourage conscious thinking, and ignite powerful emotional shifts.
  • An easy-to-follow workbook to help you deepen your understanding of each lesson and maximize your results. 
  • Expert Anecdotes & Practical Examples: Real-life stories and examples that illuminate the path to self-discovery, providing relatable contexts to better understand complex concepts.

The Brain Hack Breakthrough will show you how to tap into the power of your own brain so you can change your thinking and your life.

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“I’m always signing up for anything Larry creates!”


"I'm thankful I found this class at a time where I didn't know what else to do. I had so many Big Dreams but nothing was working out. I was mind-blown to see I had talked myself out of so many amazing opportunities because of the mind chatter telling me “I can't do it.” 


"The biggest breakthrough I had was to become conscious of those thoughts and tell them to be quiet. When I did so many doors opened in my life.”


Victoria Cawley

Small Business Owner

Find out how Larry helped Victoria work toward her Big Dreams

Pepsi & Co. 

"Larry's work has paid huge dividends in really helping us understand how the mind create the attitude of can do! Larry Has been my coach and THE teacher for my team in teaching us what the "can do" attitude is all about."


with the 



✔ Breakthrough your limiting beliefs
✔ Quiet your mental chatter
✔ Receive abundance and possibility 


Total Value: $2700

Regular Price: $500



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Best course I have ever experienced in my adult career! Most importantly, I can use what I've learned immediately  


-William D

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