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It's Time You Owned The Proven Formula to Double Your Success In Your Life. 

For the last 35 years this education has been reserved for the Fortune 500 companies that have been my trusted clients. After seeing these teachings change thousands of lives, I've realized this education is too valuable to keep secret anymore. 

Our vision is to create a much more enriching world by impacting 1,000,000 individuals in the next 3 years individuals with this life transforming education . . . and we'd like you to be a part of it.

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This 4 part series offers real solutions that will not only open doors to a new life but will transform the one you have now and the inspired motivation you will feel is only a byproduct of this incredible knowledge. 

Gain real tools & skills to keep your results coming for a lifetime! 

95% of people think about whatever is on their mind and less than 5% know how they think. 

...who cares?

A small shift in thinking and YOU enter the 5% of humans that achieve without limits. You will see the impossible turn to possible. 

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Our classes are designed in levels for easy digestibility, with each building off of one another. We recommend starting with The Foundation Course and working your way up from there. However each level is digestible no matter where you are in your journey


Building The Foundation of Awareness

💥Before you journey into our signature classes we recommend this short  foundation course to get your brain prepared for it's journey.

💥What You'll Gain from Level 1:

  1. Introduction to your Brain: 6 video modules paired with at home awareness exercises to transition from a Fixed Mindset to the liberation of a Growth Mindset. exposing endless possibilities.
  2. Learn How to Change Your Life & Others: Be introduced to a whole new way of thinking, discover the greatest gift you can give to another human being, 
  3. Join Community: You are not alone! There are thousands of others on this journey of growth with you. Get access to our online community.
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Apply & Integrate 

The real magic begins by integrating this newfound wisdom into your life, I'll show you how. 

💥What You'll Gain from Level 2:

  1. Expertise from Larry: Immerse yourself in lessons from a distinguished authority in Performance Driven Neurology.

  2. Brain Hacks for Immediate Transformation: Learn actionable strategies to shatter negative thinking patterns, disrupt mundane routines, and uplift the quality of your life instantaneously. 

  3. Hands-On Exercises for Instant Application: Engage with transformative exercises trailored to solidify your understanding, allowing you to leap into your newly empowered life without 

Buy Level 2 - $37


Apply & Integrate 

The real magic begins by integrating this newfound wisdom into your life, I'll show you how. 

💥What You'll Gain from Level 3:

  1. Revolutionize Your Reality: Be introduced to breakthrough techniques that defy the past and set the stage to reshape your life.

    Eliminate Blindspots: Discover breakthrough techniques that redefine your future, shifting from life-long blind spots to the Brain Hacks necessary to overcoming limiting beliefs and transform the once impossible into tangible achievements. 

  2. Mental Mastery: Equip yourself with potent mental strategies designed to decimate limiting beliefs. You can now turn what once seemed impossible into tangible achievements.

Buy Level 3- $197



With 30+ years of teaching neuroscience hacks to Fortune 500 Companies around the world....


Larry realized the one common factor that was holding the most capable people in the world back from their biggest dream. It all boiled down to the thoughts unconsciously running their brains all day long. 


Through his work he has found simple and effective solutions to hack the subconscious programming of the human brain and subconscious mind.


Larry believes that this is information every person deserves to gimmicks, or confusing tactics, just scientific facts brought to you in a digestible way. So you can biohack your way to a more fulfilling life.  


Does This Sound Like you?

  1. Are you tired of feeling stuck in a cycle of unfulfilled potential and longing for greater success and fulfillment?

  2. Do you ever find yourself wondering if there are hidden strengths within you that could be unleashed to achieve extraordinary results?

  3. Are you ready to break free from the limitations of self-doubt and unlock your true potential?

  4. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to lead with unwavering confidence, inspire others, and create a lasting impact in your personal and professional life?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, this is the program for YOU!

Join thousands of people who have already decided to change their life NOW.

Top 3 Ways


WILL Change Your Life. 

1. Break Through Mental Barriers For Good

You might be surprised to learn that our brain's natural state is one of limitations and self-doubt. That's why it can be so difficult to reach our true potential or even recognize what that potential may look like. During this course, attendees will learn how to break through these mental barriers. 

2. Achieve What Was Once Thought Possible

You will unlock understandings such as uncovering your innate gifts, eliminating self-doubt, relaxation methods and more. These tools are designed to assist you in reaching states of peak performance-or "flow"- where you will achieve things that were previously thought impossible.

3. Live Abundantly with Purpose & Certainty

Life is full of uncertainty, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Learn to embrace uncertainty while maintaining a sense of purpose. Through Performance Driven Neurology, expert Larry Olsen's research, and hands-on experience, you will gain clarity on their goals and direction for life. 

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Video Testimonial 

Wes Rowland

CEO of O&R Partners

Video testimonial by Wes Rowlands a recognized and successful author, businessman & entrepreneur.


Pepsi & Co. 

"Larry's work has paid huge dividends in really helping us understand how the mind create the attitude of can do! Larry Has been my coach and THE teacher for my team in teaching us what the "can do" attitude is all about."

Video Testimonial 

Victoria Cawley

Small Business Owner

From Freelance to owning her own small business, Victoria describes Larry as the only reason she was able to start working for her dreams. 


Your career, your confidence, your relationships, your LIFE....LEVEL UP!

You've got nothing to lose & everything to gain.

& The Brain Hacks Series Will help you...

1. Cultivate a winning attitude that permeates your entire life

2. Easy common-sense approach to vision accomplishment for total life balance

3.  How to get twice the results in half the time-- while having twice the fun

4. Scientific insights into how our brain really works & how to easily adjust our thinking while dramatically improving our performance

5. Finally, move beyond all personal barriers to success & prosperity

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Reminder: Your brain is your most powerful asset...

Don't let it go untapped! This is your chance to experience a powerful shift in your thinking and open doors to new possibilities. Expert Larry Olsen, renowned leader in personal development and cognitive optimization, will guide you through the transformative journey of unlocking the true potential of your mind.

Sign up for one of our courses in the Brain Hacks for Success Series, and embark on a journey that will redefine the way you think and unlock your full potential.